What do Our Customers Say about Our Products?



"Frankly, I’m amazed I feel so good! There’s such a full support system in these little tabs that it makes me feel like I was deprived of the nutrients all of this time. It really makes me question even how I’m eating and my supplements. And the tabs are so gentle – they are totally compatible with my biological and nervous system. I can barely wait for the other ones. I take it twice a day for one month and than 1 tab a day? (left my instructs at home) I do have a sleeping problem and am interested in something that will help me to sleep. I have actual energy and feel more positive. It’s like I suddenly woke up!" IB alaska


"The Jing-chi pkg just arrived-very timely- I took the drops and within minutes the horrible pain on the insides of my knees subsided. 
I can't believe it" L L Montana


"I have purchased many products such as creams and exfoliating pads and nothing has come close the the results I am seeing after one application of this elixir. This is a phenomenal product! (shankara skin/J19)" AP NC

Welcome to our plant emporium 

Our exotic elixirs were created with references from ancient  formulae made with powerful plant extracts discovered and put to trial for 1000's of years by the Ming dynasty in ancient China. The foundation of their discoveries were based on vital life force energy, anti-aging, sexual vitality and longevity. 


In addition to this we at Lunar Alchemy believe that positive intentions are transmuted into conscious, regenerative vibrational energy and is essential to helping your body heal itself.

Our spagyric concentrated elixirs and remedies are imprinted and empowered with lemurian seed crystals and other transformative minerals, gemstones and healing vibrations in the process of their creation.

Spagyrics are a synergistic transfer and pure carrier of the active 'live' components unlimited healing potential, with the very highest concentration of properties and energy. It undergoes a type of death and rebirth in which the whole being of the substance is worked with in its original proportions, and the spagyric process concentrates and elevates the proportions, resulting in a product with a life-force energy and sentient Intelligence ~It is a conscious force.


An eclectic approach is needed in medicine; A holistic not dogmatic strictly specialized medicine of the 'old world' which is the dilemma of Western Medicine  today.

We have reached a new plateau in healing where consciousness navigates it's workings beyond limitations!
















Our exotic elixirs were created with references from ancient Shamanic formula as well as powerful plant extracts discovered and put to trial for 1000's of years by the Ming dynasty in Ancient China, the foundation of their discoveries were based on Vital Life force energy, Anti-aging, sexual vitality and Longevity.


In addition our unique method allows for the system to absorb and convert nutrition entirely as pure active plant chemicals (stemcells) in concentrated form are shuttled directly into the cells.


Greetings Beloveds!

Sacred Lemuria ia a Gateway to Remembrance!

The spirit world has been very forth coming with generous gifts from nature, revealing the true nature and consciousness of crystals and shamanic stones to sacred temple stones which hold an alchemical force and power for transformation and ascension, finding your way home with the help of natures gifts, the elements alive in deep consciousness resonant within these minerals and matrices, prompting us of what we have long forgotten, helping us again in our remembrance to enter the kingdom of grace.

We are in transition- going back to our ancient future.


Codes of the avatar live in the hearts of all those who re-call their purpose to awaken in remembrance. 


All unique and pure in essence.


As the starseed within begins to blossom in the era of the sun, and so it is I came share the remembrance of awakening with others in this Timeline, the emergence and dawning of the Sat Yuga cycle- The golden age of enlightenment.

"Know that there are two kinds of stars-the heavenly and the earthly, the stars of folly and the stars of wisdom. And just as there are two worlds, a Little World [the Microcosm, man] and a Great World [the Macrocosm, the Universe] and just as the little one rules over the great one, so the stars of the microcosm rule over and govern the Stars of heaven." 


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"I exist for those I exist for" The ringing cedars

Anonmondek  works intuitively with Spirit, and the natural world to transform and create energetic Art from pure consciousness. She is an alchemist, spiritual adviser, a gifted healer and artist, with a background in mytsicism for over 20 years.


Since 'remembering' her work and knowledge from past lives in Atlantis as a priestess and oracle, she experienced a series of initiations and has since been involved in the creation of powerful healing relics, including talismen, elixirs and metaphysical tools for empowerment and spiritual development.

Anonmondek is a master healer in an ancient atlantean healing method, consisting of DNA re-patterning and spiritual quantum dynamics

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