ancient energies channeled into the present

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Ancient Power Tools

Ancient Power Tools

Ancient energies channeled into the present 

The purpose of these relics are for connecting to your ancient self, through space and time, and in all dimensions 'merging' the soul fragments together once more, so 'wholeness' can be achieved.


These ancient tools are a means to reconnect in a era of absolute disconnection from the earth, from one another, and from our individual truths.  We are passaging through a powerful transition betwen the old world and the new where we are finding our way 'home' and back to our true self.

Back to our ancient future.

I am able to create a unique relic that honors your individual soul reality and reflects the importance of your journey here on earth. A mirror from the astral realm. In the modern world, we have lost the art of ritual, of ceremonial magic and rites of passage with minimal recognition of our personal power, and an often unobserved need to connect and be truly seen.

My work is not just art, it is a channel that opens a portal between worlds accessing the spiritual kingdoms,  to recapture our ancient purpose and true destiny and for establishing reconnection and recognition (from the self and others). I was inspiried to create relics and talismans for the purpose of spiritual enlightenment and magical ceremonies and rituals as a way to honor the divine spark in each unique individal. 

Every relic is sculpted entirely by hand and channelled through the heart in a state of presence, infusing each exclusive piece with it's individual purpose. This is also vital to me as an artist. It is a way to manifest in each piece an identity, and signature energy that acts as a mirror and authenticating it with love.


There is a certain integrity and honesty to doing everything by hand, bringing it to life.  I practice various meditative and magical techniques and rituals to create many of my pieces.


I intuitively believe each piece I create attracts toward itself the person for whom it is intended. There is magic and medicine in the process and the intent (mine and yours) as much as in the stones and energies that are actualized.