Codes of Transcendence

There is a parallel between Man’s attitude and treatment of our Great planet Mother earth and The mother to all nations- Woman. The abuse of natural resources, plundered and controlled, from the natural water ways, and drying up of pockets of precious water to manipulate supplies, poisoning our airspace along with the trees, which are the Lungs of the earth.

The natural ecological balance of cleansing, purifying and regenerating process through which life continues to evolve and sustain itself as ever growing new creation bursts fourth, has been in a lockdown by the distorted forces of the patriarchal system and mindset. In the same way Woman is marketed for her ‘resources’ through her sexual exploitation, controlled birthing and conception, her natural rhythms by the pharmaceutical and chemical industry, the feminine principle on every level has been disempowered systematically- can you see the pattern?

It is only through her empowerment and recognizing that only in the awakening of the inner divine feminine and outer divine masculine in union, within ourselves, our societies and our sacred earth, there can be unity, balance and harmony. Only through honoring the role and status of the ‘womb of creation’ can there be co-creation between both polarities for the highest good and purpose. It is an abuse of Masculine power -a manipulation and distortion of True reality, the earth is a living organism -Gaia, this feminine aspect mirrors in the individual and universal psyche, by subtle and aggressive means to distort her creative power from a greater purpose to a lesser degree into the level of being no more than a commodity for marketing, commerce and production, devaluating her sacred presence and inner strength- A stubborn collective disregard toward the earth and woman alike. As long as the feminine is being disconnected and misaligned from her true power, the masculine will also remain distorted. We can change the cycle and support and empower by changing the negative and reverse conditioning.

This must change with awareness. There must be an Inner recalibration and connection with our own polarities and bring them to balance so they can come together in unity on ALL levels. From The Ringing Cedars of Russia. 'The old man said "God created the cedar as a reservoir for the energy of the Cosmos" A man in the state of Love gives off an emission. In a fraction of a second it reflects off the planers sailing above the person and once more reaches the earth, giving life to everything alive. The sun is one of the planets that reflects far from the full spectrum of this emission" "Only emissions of the forces of light go from the person into the cosmos and only a beneficial emission returns from the cosmos to earth"

"A dark emission comes from someone abiding under the influence of pernicious feelings. A dark emission cannot ascend but rather falls deep into the earth. After it is reflected off the bowels of the earth it returns to the surface in the form of volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, and wars." "The highest achievement of a reflected dark emission is the effect on man of its rays, which strengthen the pernicious feeling directly inside him"

"The Cedar (tree) lives five hundred and fifty years. Its millions of needles catch and accumulate light energy, its entire spectrum, day and night. During the cedars lifetime all the bodies that reflect the energy of the forces of light pass over it." "Even a small cedar has energy that is beneficial to man then all the manmade energy installations on earth put together" The cedar takes in the energy that comes from man and through the cosmos stores it and at the right moment gives it back. Gives it back when there is not enough of it in the cosmic which mean in man and everything living and growing on earth. One encounters cedars-but very rarely-that store the accumulated energy but do not give it back. After five hundred years of life the begin to ring. That is how they speak with their quiet ringing That is how they signal for people to take them, to cut them down so that the accumulated energy can be used on earth. And so the cedar has been asking with its ringing. It's been asking for 3 years, if it doesn’t make physical contact with living people, this in 3 years it loses its chance to give it back to man directly. Then it starts burning the energy inside itself. The torturous burning and dying takes 27 years."

"In the old testament in the 3rd book of Moses Leviticus 14:4 God teaches how to heal people, even how to decontaminate a a dwelling using cedar" The cedar is mentioned 42 times in the Bible in the old testament."

The Ringing cedars of Russia; is a Story of Anastasia, a young nomadic self taught woman with great wisdom and esoteric knowledge who speaks several languages, living in the forests of the Siberian taiga, . She comes from an ancient tribe of settlers of Vedic descent. the ambiance encompasses the natural scenes of Anastasia and her friends from the animal kingdom and unseen worlds in her journey of discovery. The story is brought to life through the mystical truths enveloped in the narrative scenes, by seed of consciousness within those people who recognized the awakening it stirred, through the corridors of time from a pristine world of Nature far from the destructive imprints of man, through a chance encounter with the author of the book. "I exist for those I exist for" Anastasia

It matters not, whether the character in the book is in flesh and blood or purely figurative, it is the reflection of the universal psyche and consciousness insofar that Anastasia has become a new mythological archetype symbolic of our primordial relationship with our 'ancient self' transcending a post industrial- pre apocalyptic society, return of innocence. Embodied within the figure of Anastasia is the mirror in essence of the embodiment of the feminine archetype of the New earth, balanced and in Awareness of her inner knowing and interconnection with all things in Creation when standing in her own field of energy and power, she is able to send her ‘Ray’ of light to heal and empower others through the power of the mind/heart synthesis. It symbolizes the epitome of receptive inner power and presence through the ‘Gnosis of the heart’. When impressed upon the higher qualities of compassion grow to become an outer expression of form, it all begins within inside the ‘womb’.

The feminine impresses energy signatures from inner archetypes ; The Masculine expresses them in the outer archetypes.

Imbalance in one it will most definitely reflect in the other. When the inherent interconnection with the earth and all that is, is again established, it becomes alive and active within us. This reality is but a seed of consciousness planted eons ago that manifested in multiple expressions of truth that mirror in all and exists in resonance with the whole.

When an idea has reached a culmination point, it reaches a critical mass, it is ready to be birthed on a new level in the collective and expand the thought waves of all those who resonate in the same vibrational fields. It seeks out all available portals of entry to come through and ground itself to hold and bring energy into manifestation. Such is how the light travels to it's destination, through those who can act as bridges between worlds. Those who can hold and ground the precious seeds.

Imagine a thought, invisible in form, free flowing, moving toward its destination- Form. Form takes it's shape in a vessel facilitating its process into becoming a greater creation then it began, it is created from 'intention'. It then takes a flight imprinting into the vapours of ether moving through the sacred cosmic language of the template of creation- symbols; sacred geometric shapes and numeric values and dimensions, everything has a value, an energetic signature and numerological measurement or frequency- it is fluid plasma, flowing as liquid light, drawing in divine energy as it takes form it takes more solid footing in our reality. In days of old, the spirit of nature communed with Man, and whispered its secrets into the innermost sanctuary, the telepathic entry into the mind- liquid light secretes through the pineal gland and becomes part of our blood and biochemistry bridging the physical body with the light body. Found between the pillars of what we know as our 'Temples' nests the pineal gland- the intermediary between our physical self, the spirit world and God, through nature and the spirit realm we came to know all hidden truths.

Atlantis is the oldest civilization known to man, the elder nation, the root race of Mankind. Atlantis is a testimony of an advanced way of life, a time where great Masters roamed the earth and were revered and understood, Metaphysical realities and Universal Law was clear to mankind. All faithful followed the One Law. Complete harmony was manifested between and the earth and man, souls understood their primordial interconnectedness with all that is. Their Spiritual and higher self and the Great Spirit. During this era in human development and stage of evolution we had not yet completely plunged into the darkest and lowest existence and pluralistic reality of separation. Matter was more subtle and the layers of the dimensions were closer in vibrations due to the Sacred Science they were attuned with, the basis of technology, it was a time know as the Satya Yuga translated Satya (Sanskrit: सत्य) literally means truth, reality, referring to being truthful in one's thought, speech and action. In Yoga, satya is one of five yamas, the virtuous restraint from falsehood and distortion of reality in one's expressions and actions. It was an era where seers were able to see far into the future and deep into esoteric wisdom and universal truths, they understood the cycles and Time. The Atlanteans knew it was only the beginning of the arduos journey into the dominion of darkness, from unity to duality. From Trust to fear. It was part of a Great divine plan so as darkness began to encompass the earth, Man went into a deep sleep.

In the early stage of man's journey on earth, we made choices that would come to effect the long cycle ahead, and are playing out in this lifetime, as this life is a reflection of all previous pastlives, it is a culmination of the whole of our journey, where we are today in awareness and understanding is what all previous incarnations have lead up to. This is because we have already paved the way for this great era of Truth and ascending, knowing it of it's impending return the great Yuga change, ushering in the Golden age of the Satya Yuga once more. Alanteans knew that there would be a return once more to a point of initiation into a New era, the Alpha meeting the omega in the great cycles around the Central Sun. an unfolding of all that has come to pass from the beginning to the end of time. Only to push into being and birth a new paradigm and creative world on earth. They made extensive preparations toward capturing the knowledge within sacred structures they erected to lay dormant until the time where they would be unearthed and rediscovered to erect a new advanced civilization like Atlantis once was- A new earth. Heralded by the Masters of light in their return. The enlightened beings mentioned in all cultures and sacred texts across the Ages. It is for each of us to seek it in knowing of the return. Envisioning the New Paradigm When we come full circle, from light into darkness and back to the light, from unity to separation and then back to unity, it is to increase the light within us that we may find creative initiative to hold it and ground it even further into dark places of our consciousness. To radiate it into new dimensions of being, As we expand on the inner level of consciousness, it projects outward and effects the whole Soul group and then the greater monads, far reaching into the outer layers and inner depths where nothingness once was, new degrees of light being established pushing past the boundaries and limits; the remnants of the dark Kali Yuga cycle.

We must fast come to the awareness that reality is in-grained or 'seeded' from the level of our thoughts and emotions what we think and say, and how we respond to the situations and lessons that appear in our life. Our intentions and thoughts when directed by energy directly influence everything on an individual and collective level. Most people are only aware of what they experience in the physical, which is the tip of the iceberg, since most of what fills the gaps we call 'space' is filled with invisible imprints and trails of the energetic creations- 'beings' created from our thoughts and words, we surround ourself and move around with them like an entourage, we either create beneficial beings or diabolical entities with what we set fourth in our responses, whether we physically see them or not, we feel it in the energy that emanates from a person, even without saying a word, a vibration is emitted.

Dear reader, let me make this clear so that there may be NO doubt left in your mind and heart. If our inner world is organized and calm, it will mirror directly in our outer reality. It is Universal LAW the law of One. Unity governs cosmic law, Laws of Resonance, vibration. attraction, similarities, opposites, they all go toward UNITY- unification- balance. Even multiplicity in nature is a unique expression of the One Mind of the Creator, the One thought that set fourth creation to expand and express even more of Himself, that creation would know Him azawajal-the Prime Source and singular driving force behind All that is. The Attitude of Gratitude Energy fuels what we tune into, it eventually integrates and becomes our template of reality, the mental and emotional bodies are the channels through which flow the codes and embody space in our physical world. Little can be changed at a physical level since it has already become what it is intented to be, it must be seeded at the level of the mental and emotional levels before it is able to come into manifestation into the physical. When we are in a state of peace, contentment or gratitude, we feel Joy. Joy, love and Trusting in a Greater Force causes the light body to vibrate at a very high level and expands the heart. On the opposite spectrum when the mind and emotions are in a state of fear, shame or guilt, the light body is weakened and the chest and heart shrink, we vibrate in fields of 30, at this low level of frequency we emit radio waves that attract similar low level radiation fields such as emf's elf's microwaves are all in lower frequency waves, when we are under extreme duress panic or anxiety, we send out a signal that calls out to the Universe to attract disasters. Power vs Force- The most well known publication of Dr. Hawkins is "Power VS. Force - Hawkins explains that the personality can be described in a scoring system which ranges from 0 to 1000 (0 being the lowest score, 1000 being absolute enlightenment or pure awareness) (Hawkins 2002, 75-85). It is of interest to note that Hawkins argues that objective truth is not only existent, but may be reached and understood by any individual using a technique called kinesiology. By accessing the "Database of Consciousness," an individual may have questions answered with 100% certainty.

Each energy level outlined by Hawkins are levels or degrees of consciousness permeating the individual's entire perspective and dictate the way they relate to their life experiences. For Hawkins, moving upward into higher states of consciousness is the only way to make meaningful progress in one's life. a focused effort to move into higher states can lead to incredible leaps of awareness in relatively short periods of time... an overall average number can be calculated using kinesiological testing. Briefly, here are the energy levels outlined by David Hawkins: 20: Shame 30: Guilt 50: Apathy 75: Grief 100: Fear 125: Desire 150: Anger 175: Pride 200: Courage 250: Neutrality 310: Willingness 350: Acceptance 400: Reason 500: Love 540: Joy 600: Peace 700-1000: Enlightenment (Avatar) "On our scale of consciousness, there are two critical points that allow for major advancement. The first is at 200, the initial level of empowerment: Here, the willingness to stop blaming and accept responsibility for one's own actions, feelings, and beliefs arises - as long as cause and responsibility are projected outside of oneself, one will remain in the powerless mode of victimhood. The second is at the 500 level, which is reached by accepting love and non judgemental forgiveness as a lifestyle, exercising unconditional kindness to all persons, things, and events without exception." (Hawkins 2002, 238). Through kinesiological testing, David Hawkins and his researchers estimate the energy state of humanity's collective consciousness to sit around 207 (Hawkins 2002, 95). This is just above the 200 threshold, in which we move from an overall destructive force to an overall creative force on the planet. "Any meaningful human satisfaction cannot commence until the level of 250, where some degree of self-confidence begins to emerge as a basis for positive life experiences in the evolution of consciousness." (Hawkins 2002, 96). Counterbalancing Lower States of Consciousness Individuals in states below 200 are explained as counterproductive to society. Their actions, in general, cause more harm than good. Furthermore, Hawkins warns that more than 85% of humans alive today still calibrate below the critical 200 level threshold (Hawkins 2002, 95). This is not surprising given that the majority of humanity still lives in extreme poverty, and survival mode, in which development of consciousness is nearly impossible.

The reason that our collective score sits at 207 is because of algorithms that work in the cosmos. Souls in higher states of awareness counterbalance large numbers of minds in lower vibrations. Even though only 4 % of people alive today have reached the critical energy field of 500, individuals in these states have extremely powerful influence on the well being of society collectively. According to Hawkins, only 4 percent of the population reaches 540. (Hawkins 2002, 95). (This is the maths... ) "One individual at 700 counterbalances 70 million individuals below level 200 One individual at 600 counterbalances 10 million individuals below level 200 One individual at 500 counterbalances 750,000 individuals below level 200 One individual at 400 counterbalances 400,000 individuals below level 200 One individual at 300 counterbalances 90,000 individuals below level 200 Twelve individuals at 700 equals one avatar at level 1000" (Hawkins 2002, 282): Because of the logarithmically increasing power of individuals at higher states of consciousness, humanity has finally reached a level above the critical threshold of 200. Hawkins stresses that each person has the capacity to have significant influence on the well being of society by prioritizing progression of their individual consciousness. Attractor Fields Rather than simply affecting events on the linear physical level, Hawkins (Hawkins 2002, 46-53) he suggests to align with "attractor fields". "A person who is powerful engages from the level of higher attractor fields. Their lives are lived in synchronicity and joy, their work is effortless and fruitful, and their success is continuous and always growing. " Force is usually met by force of resistance whereas Power itself uplifts and empowers. "Power is associated with that which supports the significance of life itself. . . Power appeals to what uplifts, dignifies, and ennobles. Force must always be justified, wheras power requires no justification. Force is associated with the partial, while power is associated with the whole. Because force automatically creates counter-force, its affect is limited by definition. We could say that force is a movement - it goes from here to there (or tries to) against opposition. Power, on the other hand, is still. It's like a standing field that doesn't move. Gravity itself, for instance, doesn't move against anything. It's power moves all objects within its field, but the gravity itself does not move."

"Force always moves against something, whereas power doesn't move against anything at all. Force is incomplete and therefore has to be fed energy constantly. Power is total and complete in itself and requires nothing from outside. It makes no demands; it has no needs. Because force has an insatiable appetite, it constantly consumes. Power, in contrast, energizes, gives forth, supplies, and supports. Power gives life and energy - force takes thes away. We notice that power is associated with compassion and makes us feel positively about ourselves. Force is associated with judgement and makes us feel poorly about ourselves."

"Force always creates counterforce; its effect is to polarize rather than unify. Polarization always implies conflict; it's cost, therefore, is always high. Because force incites polarization, it inevitably produces a win/lose dichotomy; and because somebody always loses, enemies are created." (Hawkins 2002, 132-133) A person who exists in lower levels of awareness is in the endless cycles of karma and fruitlessness. Surface life, no spiritual heights or ecstatic flights, no real sense of greater reward and inner happiness is ever experienced. Life in the reality from lower "attractor fields". ' Instead of harnessing the true "power" of higher states of consciousness and elevated attractor patterns, an individual continuously uses "force" to endlessly fight external circumstances from lower states. Although the effort might be significant in terms of the physical and psychological exertion associated with forceful work, no meaningful progress can be made until the individual engages higher attractor patterns. Societal development is only possible as an increasingly large portion of individuals embrace higher attractor patterns and can therefore support each other in moving into higher states.'

The natural consequence of embracing power over force is development of consciousness. "The achievements of pure reason are the great landmarks of cultural history. They've made man the master of his external environment; and to some degree, on the physical plane, of his internal environment. But reason has its limits, in more ways that one: The intellectual brilliance of the 400 level, so dazzling and enviable to those in the 300s, quickly pales for those who have transcended it. From a higher perspective, its all too clear how tedious and trivial reason's infatuation with itself can become. Reason is the mirror of the mind's vanity; ultimately, there are few things more boring than to observe self-admiration." (Hawkins 2002, 268) Ego works through the Intellect. "Contrary to its delusions of grandeur, the intellect not only lacks the ability to recognize falsehood, but it also grossly lacks the necessary power to defend itself, even if it had the capacity for discernment. . . And it's clear from the common human conduct that even if the intellect could reliably arrive at this basic conclusion, it still lacks the power to stop the effect of negative fields. We remain unconscious of the causes of our afflictions while the intellect dreams up all kinds of plausible excuses, hypnotized by these same forces. Even when a person intellectually knows his behavior is self destructive, this knowledge has no necessary deterrent effect whatsoever; intellectual recognition of our addictions has never given us the power to control them." (Hawkins 2002, 287) References: Hawkins, D. R. (2002). Power versus force. Hay House Inc. Source: Mind over Matter When we vibrate we only attract things within the resonance of the emission, in high vibrations none of the lower frequencies can penetrate the auric field unless they raise to match the higher frequency, the high field creates a barrier that protects it from the low dimensional rays or radiation waves that would potential seep through and enter into the distorted aura in the same range, allowing all kinds of negatives into your bodies. In high vibration ie Joy and inner peace, the energybody exists outside of the smoggy toxic layer of basic survival and 'reactive' volatile interface, that most are tuned into due to their belief systems and institutional programs. So how do we go beyond the constructs that the universal Lie has installed in the psyche? how do we move outside of the limits of the collective 'Maya' that keep us from going beyond the wheel of karma into the spiral of grace? By going from helplessness to empowerment. Afterall, how can you truly help another or do service for some greater cause, if you believe you are powerless? It is our clouded perspective and distorted 'lens' that prevents us from seeing clearly, if we are looking outward how will we ever see what has been placed inside for our discovery? There are worlds within worlds. When we take a step back and observe the greater plan and Greater panoramic vista, it reflects in the smallest most minor movement. Clarity emerges out of the obscure. We live in a holographic universe, a Galactic mirror- the entire ocean is within a drop. Are we still missing the signs, or are they becoming clearer; like stars in the night sky? We already have everything we need within us. When the student is ready the teacher appears, as though out of midair! It is only when we are ready to face the darkness can we appreciate the light, things that were out of our vision are suddenly within grasp, and take solid holding in our psyche and as we tune into them with our inner vision, it expands into our outer reality. What is manifest at the largest universal level, is available at the smallest subatomic individual level of creation. It all begins with the seed (masculine principle)- Thought. A tiny spark - emotion that fuels an intention and ignites the eternal fires of creative forces (feminine principle). giving birth to a third body of creation borne into the physical world. All things come into existence from the hidden to the apparent. "The sun is something like a mirror. It reflects emanations which are invisible to the eye. These emanations come from people in a state of love joy or some other radiant feeling. Reflecting off the sun they return to earth in the form of sunlight and give life to everything on the planet" The Ringing Cedars of Russia Seed for thought; When we plant a seed into the earth, we do not give up hope in its growing into fruits because it does not happen overnight. We know it's process of development in cycles of growth and seasons. We understand its process of transformation and what it needs to grow. Wisdom of the Ages Atlanteans inherently knew the influence that the elements, and bodies of creation, from the earths devas, stars and luminaries and influence of all celestial beings. There is a harmonic unfolding of all of Life and creation, man as the initiator and medium between the world of forms and the spiritual realms, directing and anchoring spiritual energies with the assistance of divine forces in the physical world.

Allah the magnificent said "Take one step toward me and I will run toward you" the deeper philosophy is in the interconnectedness of all things through us with it's return back to Him azawajal, only that which is not temporal is of the everlasting, all else will recycle into the nothingness of the blackhole and be purified through cosmic cycles. We all have a unique potential and connection to these cosmic sources available and in our own telepathic reach. Our inner antennae is a remote extension linked in to all that is, a personal telepathic circuit board. If we tune into being of service to others, and work for the greater good of all and for the sake of Allah azawajal, our intentions are already set into action by the forces tuned into the same fields in creation. Because they are all linked in and ready to chime in- A grand composition of light is initiated! Let's discuss the human vessel- his intrinsic body Temple or dome interconnected to the greater temples or domes. The human vessel houses the Soul, just like a seed, from an energetic view it looks very similar. Just as a kernel has an outer covering and in an inner nucleus or core, every cell and celestial body is made up of this sustainable design, each housing its unique form, purpose, archetype and destiny. A human being and planet as well as every living creation, all have an aura, a toroidal field around it; the human aura is in the shape of an egg, that holds and protects our subtle bodies, we have 7 layers. 6 unseen layers encapsulating one another like Russian dolls each in an unseen dimension radiating energy in to the physical body and the earth from the causal realm. This electromagnetic field holds the space around our physical body. The egg is the most beneficial shaped vessel for gestation. A dark transformational cocoon with properties of the Golden mean algorithms which are divine mathematical values from where spiritual energy is emanated. The energetic qualities of the egg is like the womb refine and organizes the molecular structure and energy of water. Viktor Schauberger called this refining process “ennoblement.” An important component of Schauberger’s ennoblement process was the placement of water in an egg-shaped vessel. The shape of the egg represents natural upward spiral of growth and harmony, life, birth, and creative potential. Not only does Nature utilize this shape as a gestation vessel, it is also the predominant shape of seeds and grains, thus preserving life force in many forms. Even the human aura is egg shaped. Schauberger referred to the egg as a life-motor, in which “an enveloping, loving, and nurturing motion begins.” The shape of the egg is the 3-dimensional geometry of reception (feminine receptive). the egg is a combination of an infinite number of Golden Mean spirals. As such, it gathers creative energy from every direction in the cosmos. The shape of the egg is also the essence of the feminine—composed entirely of curves. Within the egg, energy is continually cycling—yet no cycle is the same as it is within a circle. This allows Nature to “upgrade” or “refine” the creative energy with each cycle. The feminine principle defines and enobles the shape of what is inner and outer. Like the moon guides the oceans tide and growth of seeds by her cycles. This is how we are all interconnected with all that is at any time or distance in any dimension. Our thoughts and emotions move in the layers of the aura known as the mental and emotional body, they are active electrical responses that communicate through the nervous system to send electrical signals to the astral body which then goes out in the higher layers or dimensions which is not limited to space, time or a localized activity, and sets it into action. When we wish for or intend something, mind and thought come together and depending on how intense the dynamics is, it will actually cause an effect upon the physical reality. So it is that we have actually done the deed on some level of reality, it will return in some form to us depending on our intention and the degree of energy invested. Imam Ahmad(as) has mentioned in his books in depth about the astral body where he discusses the evil eye. It is elaborated on in the following videos Heavenly Bodies Lecture by Abdullah Hashem: Mirror Mirror on the Wall lecture by Abdullah Hashem: Energy is Muhammad Lecture by Abdullah Hashem: Yaqeen is the key to Miracles by Imam Ahmad Al Hassan (as) Pearls of the Yamani: How Envy works- Your Invisible Body explained The zero point is fast approaching and manifesting into being that it requires truly little physical effort in the believer who has certainty and yaqeen, just the higher vibration that brings one into planes of joy and gratitude, and a feeling of being encompassed with divine grace, your creative thoughts enthusiasm- passion. 'Where thought goes energy follows' its a quantum equation, you get out what you put in, that is, pure thought; Energy.

The energy of late, is so intense and powerful that the planetary alignments and movements are bringing fourth strong emotional responses which is also influencing the lower fields and playing out in the energy of greed, separation, war. it all stems from fear, fear of loss, fear of not knowing, being plunged into a psychological abyss. These thoughts and emotional responses come from a place of intense stress and distortion of the energetic body impulses upon the endocrines leading to the physiological system- deterioration and weakness on all levels resulting in low vibration and a downward spiral imprinting upon the collective field of consciousness in lower fields. It is mostly negative people are in fear, who are in denial and find blame in situations or others, disempowering them further into the energy. When we resist growth or change, it traps us in stagnation which stores and develops all kinds of build ups of energy that grow into harmful blockages on different levels of our reality. Until we can no longer hold symmetry and there is a breaking point. This is what all illusions begin to play out in negative ways in the need to push through into new light and consciousness. The power of good far surmounts the power of evil, The universe and creation goes toward excellence, and every cycle purifies itself of anything less. The entire creation has a common destiny which is in alignment with the greater good of all and beneficial to it's shared evolution. Nature moves toward wholeness and unity with creative participation, destruction comes from the imbalance of our collective and individual actions thoughts and intentions on earth and effects the natural path of nature. Nature then seeks ways to purify and cleanse itself bringing back balance, all that is deficient and distorted is transformed. If all of the harmful industrial corporations, military operations and fossil fuel technology was abandoned, and we halted the forest destruction today, it would only take 9 months for the earth to fully regenerate, it already knows what to do, the hard way or the easy way. The earth is a giant womb that gives birth to new realities in each Great Age. The path of suffering is repeated if we resist new degrees of light and descend deeper into the cycle of karma, In surrender we are transported to a place of Trust and inner peace, we take giant leaps and ascend to great heights in these crossing points in the cycles, it is a unique chance to impress new realities for the future cycles and influence consciousness to new levels of existence and move out into the ever expanding creative library of light. The universe is a Grand Universe-city, a library of learning stored in the archives within our DNA and chromosomes as well as in the Book of life, register of the soul, The Akasha. Thoughts move in the subtle but fertile soil of the spirit world, pure thought given direction with 'knowing' and awareness will always reach its destination. Telepathic links are created between people over several lifetimes that are the strongest, space only exists in the physical dimensions, thoughts move through the rondures of time and space even beyond worlds having access to all parts of our soul, its experience and knowledge through lifetimes and dimensions. It is only a matter of tuning in. Thought intention manifestation Abraham hicks says "20 minuites of PURE thought is equal to 99 years of hard physical labour." The hidden truth of this and all known realities of the lower worlds reflects in the reality of Atlantis, it is confirmed in The emerald Tablets of Thoth/ also known as Enoch and The angel Metatron. In the tablets Thoth promises to Return at the time of the Great return and avenge all who abused their power and the knowledge. So who is Thoth- (The holiest of the holy)- who has directed us to reflect on our ancient past and comes with all the knowledge of Time- who is The Ancient One? The Atlanteans we have established were able to manifest from mind into matter, all kinds of physical objects from practical tools and furnishings, to cities and libraries in halls of crystal, building channels between worlds, learning about nature through companionship with the elementals, and working toward assisting all beings toward the common goal of evolving into something greater and more connected, keeping in balance the earth and fulfilling practices and rites that benefit the individual and the earth and its inhabitants alike, for the sake of a greater destiny and soul group vision.

If we knew these truths before we fell into darkness and ignorance after the destruction of Atlantis, it would make sense we would have left behind trails for remembrance at a time where it would be needed, a time we would hear the Call, we would have left seeds of awakening behind that would serve as triggers for our souls recognition, for our future selves to find. It is only in the last decades we have begun to remember, and ancient remnants are being found to bring awareness to the areas of truth that we knew before the deeper fall into density and duality of the Kali yuga cycle.

We are now at the exact same point of overlap in the cycle of the Kali Yuga ending as we were before the downfall of Atlantis. It is only through a whispering to the soul stirring again the place of deep knowing, will an awakened soul among the seeded souls upon the earth, who will recall when they are again re-called. Our individual soul and collective soul group has advanced and developed over multiple lifetimes, each soul - masculine and feminine counterparts, contributes to and influenced by the evolution and knowledge within its template. The more that is put into the register of the soul, the greater becomes it's spectrum in rich emotional experiences and diverseness in manifestation bringing more depth of expression in each incarnation. When we are working toward doing good, It creates a living breathing library of light and we transcend.

If each soul group telepathically connected with one another within the group with awareness tuned into this vast resource, our thoughts and energies would project and mirror in each soul in varying degrees of awareness, the same thought or idea. Connecting through the 'higher self' of a soul, group or monad collectively and channeling the energy like a electromagnetic conductor. This is an established telepathic link between soul group members, each soul is tuned in, very often having similar thoughts and activities at similar times with souls closely in resonate. It is intra-connection, all parts reflecting the original whole and variant features of individuality and diversity, staying grounded in it's own purpose and bringing fourth a tone, energy signature true to itself, as part of the synchronic display of multiplicity from an integrated vision. Thought emits electrical impulses, and sends signals- radio waves that can be picked up by all of the souls in its vibration. Compatible souls all and have similar tonal harmonics that work together in unison creating the conscious reality. Imagine for a moment, if a few souls make an intention to allow their souls to be accompanied to where all souls meet to do sacred works in the astral planes, if when they meditated or travelled in the astral realms, they would certainly go and participate in work that is directly related to their soul group contracts, and be an open channel between worlds, accumulating energies toward the goal of the groups purpose, This is all that is needed to manifest a new reality- The pure clear thought and enthusiasm from the heart, in certainty of its manifestation for the greater good- this is an implosive energy that shoots up transcending dimensions to a ever forming collective vision seeded into the earth creating new vapours of reality that are the emerging New Earth.

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