Anti Aging Skin Care

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SOD Superoxide Dismutase Anti-ageing Face Creamy moisturizer enhanced with Shankara skin formula, clears skin outbreaks within days- even hours, the perfect skin cream for Anti Age and clears all known skin conditions, the smallest amount lasts 24 hours- (a little goes a long way)

Collagen Gel

Ageless Oil for skin regeneration

An anti-wrinkle oil that works! It does so by helping your body regenerate its own skin quickly. Made with 24 powerful exotic oils and essential oils such as Pink and white lotus and rose absolute, smells and feels amazing.  Rich in vitamin E and essential fatty acids to deeply hydrate and nourish skin. Multo functional formula contains powerful healing, conditioning, and antiaging properties to create a youthful-looking complexion. Easily absorbs into skin, delivering a fresh peachy glow. Especially great for sensitive and acne-prone skin, can also be used to treat split ends and soften cuticles.

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