What do our customers say about our products?

"Anonmondek is amazing. I contacted Anomondek to schedule a distance healing session. I needed the session because I had been stuck physically, emotionally, and mentally for years. It felt like I was living in a shell which I was trying to come out of. Immediately after She conducted the session, I felt like several layers had been lifted from me. 


For the first time in a very long time, I began to feel a glimpse of who I truly was, and what I was meant to be in this world. The healing has worked tremendously in every area of my life, and continues to do so. It is almost like being re-born.Anonmondek is an excellent, gifted healer who is sincerely dedicated to helping people fulfill their highest potential. Thank you so much, Anonmondek, for helping me to live a healed and fulfilled life."



Just to let you know that the Psychic Sisters and Neuro-Nectar are working like charms! Very magical and healing ones indeed I love those two elixirs and I notice a huge different in how it is affecting me for sure. I needed to take a little more than average, probably like 20-30 doses of each spread out through the day is working very nice. I am connecting to Spirit in a very balanced way with Mind and Heart a lot more Synchronized working in better unison to communicate to Source. Very awesome to experience so far and they are truly some top grade products that have that etheric 'spice' to them if you know how to sense it :D I am interested in trying some others soon... I am very tempted to try that Dragon elixir!



Alestris elixir is most effective in stopping hot flashes and night sweats in their tracks! This is a remarkable product and I want to say thank you for making it! Nothing comes close as far as I am concerned I highly recommend it to all looking for a cure. The Alestris is the only product that not only works for me but works quickly only after a few doses. Just wanted you to know
You and Dr. Shafi are the only people that suggest items that are for CANCER. I don't feel I have cancer but I know I have problems that will be solved with these 'cancer protective' products. Once you go through the 'system' you are always on guard but will never 'participate' in the system again! Thank you for all you do! 

Thank you so very much for your words, I have been contemplating them
a lot. I have found the past few months to be the most difficult I can
recall, and the moment is currently clarifiying, I believe. Your
understanding of these energies is so wonderful, such subtle energy
understood so intelligently. I am honored to know you.
The hepa mek and osteo mek are the most helpful things I have tried...
I really appreciate these, and you for making them available to so



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I got the package with the Blue Lotus Lilly and the Hepa mek, etc. I

took them immediately and felt MUCH different, very focused, very




I love the Anti-ageing SOD cream, I wanted to use it for a while before sending any feedback. It is seriously the best and it leaves my face soft and smooth all day. My face is far more hydrated with this cream than it has been with some leading creams. I can really see a difference in how it brings out a glow and healthy appearance. You have an excellent product and I will be only using this from now on. 



Thank you so much Anonmondek! We really appreciate the Diet suggestions! Maybe from taking the drops, is why we have considered doing things a different way that is good for us, you have enhanced our lives immensely!

P.S. & C.S.


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I have not proceeded with the surgery. I may get a surgeons opinion, but I had one surgery and that was enough for me. Took my two years to get some what back to normal and couldn’t have done it without your elixers and products.

...I really like the Chaga Elixir description. In fact I really like all the descriptions. I would take everything if I could.

Thanks for all your patience in answering my questions.




I received the package yesterday and the medicine is working

effectively already. Thank you SO MUCH! I appreciate your medicine,

all you do, and you!



What I notice the most drastically since taking the Hepa-Mek is my

period came a few days early. Is this known to happen? Today I feel so

much more clear-headed than in previous days, and a lot of nerves have

opened up. I can also breathe more easily and focus more on the parts

of my body which are out of alignment so as to breathe into them

better while practicing Yoga. The combination of Yoga, Orgone creations, and your medicines are serving me well. I feel I am on

another level already.

I feel so honored to know you. Thank you SO Much, my dear beautiful friend



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The (SOD)anti-ageing capsules you sent me opened the channels of TRUE spiritual love in me, hidden powers that were dormant unleashed. My husband loves that! You are a miracle worker and a blessing in this world, Love,



I rubbed some chaga on my knee-and honestly the SOD seems to really help the knee as well. Can't wait to get the J1.

I was just talking to xxxxx -she feels so good she is hysterical.

Thanks for taking your Saturday for all of this. I haven't laughed like this in so long-it must be getting through some of those 7 layers:)



It has been a while sense I have come to you. I love your elixirs.. They are truly amazing..

I still have a little bit of your elixirs left. So I'm going to wait to order til I'm done! ;-) truly amazing stuff!! :-D



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I know you through Lilly's site, the Women Warriors and recently

ordered some elixirs. I tried the Neuro nectar, and it is amazing. I'm

already so pleased with the results... Thankyou for what you do!

It's amazing how quickly the items came in, and how quickly they are

working for me. It's really intense and great in combination with the

Orgone creations of Lilly 



I had never thought about putting the shankara drops on the itchy spot on the nape of my neck til you mentioned it. So I did it and layed off the ylang ylang. It has a sting at first that feels good and it is also keeping the area from scabbing up like every other thing hasn't. I wash my hair and add rosemary oil to the shampoo then apply the shankara afterwards. It not only doesn't itch like the ylang ylang but with this there are less gross scabs. I love the shankara! Shankara is far more effective overall. Thnx for telling me!




 just took some drops of your dragon blood elixir, it's so powerful, I could feel the positive and uplifting vibration immediately! What a powerful energy you channel in this amazing elixir! Thank you



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I LOVE your psychic sisters elixir, it's one of my favourites: I take a few drops before every single healing session or ritual I conduct and OMG! it makes me travel to higher dimensions fast, align with my guides, my intuitions expands beautifuly and I am able to psychic see very clear . Thank you for offering these amazing elixirs, you are a true authentic gift to the world. Loveell people more about this item. Give people the info they need to go ahead and take the action you want. To make 



Since taking the neuro nectar I have been sleeping like a baby at nights after suffering from severe insomnia I am now off my sleeping meds, and feel refreshed in the mornings, I also got my period back after a week of taking the fem-mek I had lost it for 2 years I never heard of that before- also should mention that the J1 took care of my swollen legs when travelling, it was the first time in years- I have traveled 12 ours straight with no swelling at all, I am so glad I found your products they are fantastic!



Your drops wow!!!! I am not yet sure exactly what they are doing, however I already have half my office space cleared up and so much more energy. I feel now already much better. The combination is magnificent I thank you



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I just had to tell you that the Shankara Elixir is amazing! I applied it to my face this morning with my fingertips and immediately saw results. My skin was firmer and toned. Small lines beneath my eyes were smoothed out and left me with a fresh glowing appearance . I have purchased many products such as creams and exfoliating pads and nothing has come close the the results I am seeing after one application of this elixir. This is a phenomenal product ! 



I have to tell you that in just 2 days I can feel such a difference having added the J2 and oxy-viral. My legs are already better-I was actually able to get down on the floor today (cleaning)-this is huge! I am off to PHX next week to climb that mountain-thanks to you and Lilly 



I'm so grateful for the herbs you provide, helping me and

my family get and stay healthy. I'm so grateful, so grateful. (I'm

about to cry right now....)



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I am amazed at how good I feel -I thought for sure that I would be 'dragging' without supplements-although I eat very healthy I never felt 'good'.

Once I get through the initial phase and just go on maintenance, is there anything other that good healthy food? What is your regimen if I might ask? I am 62 and would like to get back to my once vigorous activities.



I am thoroughly convinced this is the greatest product in the world.



I have received my osteo-mek package and have started taking it.

Thanks for the great service, I have noticed that stuff really gets me

kind of hyper for a few hours after taking it, is that the experience

you had with it also, my system is a bit sensitive and I am a high

energy person the way it is, I figure after a few days my system might

acclimate to it a bit more, but I can tell this product really is something different.

Looking forward to great results, let you know in a few weeks my thoughts/feelings about it.

Peace, love, happiness



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Since using these elixirs I have bounds of energy and my sugar levels have gone down and my heart is showing excellent results in tests (I suffered a heart attack a few years back also) I am completely off all medical drugs they had me on and this all in just 3 short months of taking the elixirs and working with what you have given me, what others have noticed on me is a very positive attitude and much more personal power, I do Yoga and have much more stamina then before to do positions that were hard for me but now-I have never felt so alive!

blessings to you! 



I have been taking the ginseng and shilajit neuro nectar like you suggested

and I feel fantastic. My energy levels physically were very good

and I have always had the ability to keep going ,but since taking

the elixirs, I seem to have no limits, my stamina at the gym is

twice a long as before. I usually workout an hour nonstop.

But today I kept the heat up for much longer and sweat I know a pints worth.

I can't wait to begin the hepa-mek. I have detoxed before,

but not my liver so that will be something I look forward to and the

positive changes that will result from it 



I look forward to the new site.

It appears I am having wonderful results with the products.

My breasts look younger and fuller. They're more bouncy - even

though I've always had good elasticity.

I have noticed the skin is smoother and stretch marks have faded.

I noticed my grey hair is down by around 70%.

I wasn't taking anything that seemed to be working on this so

I'm thinking these products are also doing their magic.

I really like the Fem Mek but kind of ran out and will have to start

over by ordering some in a couple of weeks.



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I have your Essences since 10 Minutes wouuuuwww,

my tensor rouls and rouls and rouls, this are very powerful Elixirs.

With this Essences Indian shilajit neuro nectar my mind is very clear

Das ist ein wirkliches Powerpaket super stark!!!

Kann ich die Essencen irgendwo noch genauer Nachlesen

was sie genau machen?

Ich werde diese Elexiere einschwingen für meine Klienten auf Globuli.

Vielen lieben Dank



a big THANK YOU for those amazing elixirs you are creating.

They are so so powerful, I can basically feel their energy

in my hands when I hold the bottle.

I love love the jink chi elixir, the first bottle you sent,

my face broke out into nasty stuff, i knew I was detoxing so

I didn't panick. On the second bottle, my skin started to clear up,

being so smooth and so nice... I almost finished the second bottle

and I am so happy the third one you sent arrived just in time.

I am so so happy with this amazing product!!!


Now my husband is taking the oxy-follicle hair elixir, first thing

I noticed is that his hair color turned from grey to dark on

the areas he was applying the elixir topically, also he has

new hair growing covering his scalp slowly. He doesn't really

see much improvement, but I can tell, even our friends noticed that.

So will want some more of that and perhaps I will need as I have

few grey hair myself.

The antigeing serum is a great thing, when i look tired I apply that

to my skin and ohh boy I look like I am so well rested. Once again,

a huge THANK YOU for your amazing powerful products.




I thought I would let you know the stuff I'm using is working great.

My face is so clear. It looks beautiful. I'm very grateful. 



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I am using a bio cream made from snails mostly for scars and I applied it

one time after your Shankara Skin elixir and had good results the next day.

I will need to make another order of the package

I got from you as it wont last me more than a month.

Many thanks and regards



The venus serum is quite amazing. My "girls" are perking up

and I seem to get a lot more gazes from men.

What I like is the serum seems to reshape the breasts so they

are more rounded (almost like implants) versus just being fat

if you're a larger size. I have not been taking it for very

long but I can definitely feel it working.



how are you, thankyou for your help thus far,

the MRI showed that the tumor shrunk a little bit over 3 weeks,

I'm interested in this J17, for my sister. one more question,

do you have something to clean your colon. something that helps

clean the stuff that sticks to the walls of your colon.

Thanks again,



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I have new little blonde hairs popping up all over my head.

My face feels great too. I feel really good.

I think the Hepa-Mek is helping with my liver.

I've had great results with your other stuff. Thank you!



I hope you're doing great. I'm ready to order more Shankara Skin elixir,

and I want to try the oxy-follicle hair Massage oil too, along with another

bottle of Oxy-follicle hair elixir.

The Hepa-Mek is working well. My acne is clearing up,

and I feel like I've got more energy. The skin elixir is really

helping my face. It feels smooth and is looking better.

I'm confident that it can help dissolve my scar tissue.

That's really the only issue with depressed scars.

If you can dissolve the scar tissue, everything will grow back normally.

I see progress. The hair elixir is working.



Just keeping in touch on the Total body recovery supplements and so far Im impressed.

I've had tinea versicolor amongst the upper part of my body and its finally

now clearing itself out.

My skin is finally looking somewhat of itself since the age of 18.

My next goal is releasing the excess weight gain, water retention

while more of the detoxifying does it work.

Either way Im satisfied with the osteo and hepa supplements,

still have bout 3 boxes left over for both.



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I'm dutifully using my Hepa-mek. I seem to have more energy and focus. It's good stuff. Thanks I'm feeling really good. My skin is improving, and I have energy, and My hair is... doing something and well, the skin elixir is excellent, too. My skin feels much more elastic and smooth, and that was almost instant. The Hepa-Mek is working so well, I think that I might get the other courses when I'm done with this one. I hope your business is doing well. You've got great products



I think there’s a software program of mine that is running too fast! I feel like a kaleidoscope that someone keeps picking up and I have to regroup and go forward from whatever pattern has turned up. J Funny thing is, I recall feeling like this when I was 15, of all things. I think my hormones are circulating in my bloodstream and they are quite vigorous! You know I see why when people worship, as in choosing a life of only that, they live in a way not to stimulate the hormonal system. Before the products, it was easy to be a “Mental Monk”.

I spent a lot of time on the web site reading about all the products and getting excited about future candidates for my supplemental matrix! I love Hepa and Osteo-Meks.


I feel so good after I take them and my skin is clearing up and I seem to be shrinking around the abdominal/hip area. I am losing that middle-age, I eat too many carbs and dump cortisol on a daily basis into a more streamline and youthful look. I am also bolder so it must be rejuvenating my adrenals. My eyes are larger and do not feel dry. I know the HGH (Renew) is helping too but you know how synergy works and the Meks work so well with other products.



I stared at my Hepa and Osteo-Mek tabs for a few weeks before trying them. For some reason, I avoided them and took my first dose this morning. I wanted to feel the effect so only took my 1000 IU Vitamin D3 with it and frankly, I’m amazed I feel so good! There’s such a full support system in these little tabs that it makes me feel like I was deprived of the nutrients all of this time. It really makes me question even how I’m eating and my supplements. And the tabs are so gentle – they are totally compatible with my biological and nervous system. I can barely wait for the other ones. I take it twice a day for one month and than 1 tab a day? (left my instructs at home).Also, what are the breast and hair ones like? I do have a sleeping problem and am interested in something that will help me to sleep.

I have actual energy and feel more positive. It’s like I suddenly woke up!

Follow up:


I am having such remarkable results with Osteo and Hepa-Mek that it’s almost mind boggling. It is not only bringing the most profound change, but it is so pleasant. Usually my body is very discriminating about what I ingest and these are the most gentle formulas. Isabelle~ USA



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The other guy that’s supposed to take the supplement didn’t want to take it. So I’m just using it for general wellness. I believe it works.

Thanks for the heads up on this bone supplement.



I know you told me to wait three months for the treatments to work before I make up my mind about them, but I couldn't wait that long. It has been about 7 weeks since I started taking the herbal detox and hair growth treatments. The most visible sign that the treatments are working is the new hair growth in the bald spot I have had since I was 24 years old (for the past 26 years). That alone would have been enough to convince me, but there is more...

For the first time in over ten years, I feel energized, charged...it's as if I am in my early thirties again!! With the herbal & Ionization detoxing, I am close to feeling invincible.



s.I've only had this elixir for about a week but so far I like it. Seller was extremely helpful in answering a question and responded very quickly. Thank you so much!



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absolutely love this elixir it has been extraordinarily helpful



Amazing works fantastic superb for meditation



Hi Yasmine!  I dont know how to write about this,,  but this stuff is doing some incredible things. I dont even know what's happening to me. Whatever these magic potions are - they're doing something that i cant understand or even believe for that matter. It does not seem real. Have I been this sick all this time? My body is so much calmer lately. I dont feel like im struggling anymore.


Mentally im so much more in the flow with my own self. I feel like singing all the time. Maybe its better for me to talk about this. I dont know. Im also really concerned about emf/radiation that you mentioned before. If this was something that I was exposed to id love to find out how to get away from/or prevent it. Ive sat in front of computer for long periods, but could that really do so much damage?


In any case im just so very thankful to you.  You are real.  and I've gotten ripped off so much by many others. I cant quite grasp that this is real. it almost seems like I dont even deserve it. Like its too good to be true. 


Right now I had to take a few days break from them, but ill start again tomorrow. All the good effects really kicked in when I stopped taking it. But I think there is something very serious here. 




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I was doing a deep meditation and trying to astral project on Wednesday evening. I took the elixer and used the oil for the first time. While I was laying in bed and focusing, my consciousness left my body very briefly (I start to spin and see shapes while my eyes are closed), for a few seconds maybe, and then I was in the sky looking at stars. It was breathtaking. I could see all around me... It was like a panoramic view. So gorgeous. I'm so thankful for your products. I cannot wait to go even deeper next time. Many thanks!!!



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"After using the moldavite oil and elixir for the first time there is no doubt that it connects to the moldavite pieces I have. I began to meditate with only the intentions of connecting with the moldavite I have and blocking all other thoughts. I began to see..."


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