elixir: Impetus for awakening

The Alchemist's stone is the elixir of life; a metaphor symbolic of the wholeness of the 'Self' achieved by completion of the 'Great Work' resonating with energies found in material manifestations in the natural world, that are able to mysteriously bridge the Chasm between the Spiritual and physical worlds~ A step away is a shift in perception worthy of consideration and open to unlimited possibilities!














Creative forces of Enlightenment


The Crux of spiritual awakening lies in the Heart of hearts, where there is a point of entry to limitlessness, inter-dimensionality and reaching one's perfect element, so Divine essence of the Soul can shine through into the physical world.

Our elixirs will assist in awakening the heart further and connecting the seeker to a new reality that is tightly entwined to his highest purpose and destined path.

A tribute to this New Cycle of ascended vision, the beginning of a Golden age in Consciousness, where resident souls in large numbers are coming into awareness of their Spiritual essence and infinite nature!

Since around 2011 there has been an intense leap in awareness as the veil  is being lifted.  The revelations of ancient metaphysical truths and deeper insights into the inner workings of consciousness and energy and how it is influenced by the power of 'Resonance'.
As the veil becomes thinner between both worlds (spiritual and physical), the nature of this energy is becoming more tangible and understood, as it grows in magnitude and felt at a core level by all.

  In our quest to stay in alignment with humanities spiritual and physical ever evolving needs, we have developed a special selection of elixirs for enlightenment and 'Alchemists of the Soul', to work harmoniously and in balance with the special requirements of the biological system, starting from the most basic building blocks of DNA, repairing and regenerating, to the finetuning of the subtle bodies with the assistance of nature. The plant and mineral kingdom as and interface for accessing these special energies needed in our present time. We will be adding to this collection as we transition further into this new era of [en] light [enment].

The interconnection between the natural intelligence of the plant and mineral world, physically and spiritually  enhances the experience of the shifts and frequency changes,  distributing and balancing them in a positive way, making the experience harmonious and comfortable whilst taking a leap in perception,  far above and beyond the familiar sensual experiences., to a place of deeper understanding. A place of vision an true purpose.

This brings on a fluidity of emotional intelligence where personal vibration begins to transcend the lower fields of duality and resonate in upper fields of non resistance and creativity. We are going from lesser fated state to greater destined reality.


This awakening comes from the center of the true self which is the heart. The heart has 7 gateways or 'openings' that create a sacred geometric formation.  Important subtle centers known by the Sufi's as the 7 Lata'if.

When these 7 centers are awakened in tandem, the liquid intelligence produced in the Spiritual heart' begins to flow through the electric body, that triggers the higher qualities in Human nature such as compassion, mercy, humility, truthfulness, etc, qualities of the highest in charachteristics in 'Service' of the greater good. This enterprising heart begins to expand and deepen in understanding and experiences a deep releasing by the emotional and mental bodies.  As each negative is worked through and then out of the auric space, it is transformed into its positive and brought back to balance.

The energies present within our new spiritual elixirs and mineral combinations are specialized for the development of these centers largely  (but not exclusively), working with the occurring 'shifts' and changing within universal consciousness in influences our bodies and begins altering our reality positively, moving in flow with our own readiness and ability and in accordance with our overall adaptability and absorption capacity which awakens a plethora of divine archetypal attributes and influences.


As the new energies  encompass the earth, it enters via the elements of nature,  offering an upgraded 'template' allowing us to easily tune in when we are ready for the next level in our individual journey. 

We offer you a selection of powerful elixirs to assist  in unravelling your mystical infinite nature.

Initiate the journey of self discovery to deeper levels of awareness that will guide you on your path of Destiny.

Awaken your heart!

Nature has the innate ability to self-organize itself, from the largets celestial body down to the individual cell in the body, the entire universe has the power to self-organize itself. The electromagnetic field is the template in which the body is configured, the cells of the body.  The aura of light itself is a template in which the electromagnetic field is configured. We can even reach a level of reality beyond light. The light we normally experience is only a shadow of the reality of light. It’s only one dimension of light.


There are many dimensions of light. Eventually we will learn to heal with light, that is our true potential as human beings, as we draw closer to this reality, we can work within the process with the assitance of nature to embody us with its natural intellengent resources. Our immune system represents the resilience of our physical body. There is a power that emerges from within recurrently, because the Universe is continually reborn, and we are continually reborn. We must to do away with the tarnished, rough edges of ourselves in order to invite the new.

Theis is the force that moves the stars, and planets, and galaxies. A very tangible and tactile force, that we must embody in levels, staying true to our path and to the true self.  Within this truth you will find the alchemists stone, for in reality the elixir of life is within you 

Consciousness and Life Expansion: Beyond the Threshold


Our elixirs are completely exclusive, we combine our methods using only the highest quality Chinese energy herbs and entheo-botanicals (shamanic plants) with an alchemical process of preparation to create a powerful spagyric elixir, each one prepared following celestial timings and dates for specific operations in a clean empowered space, each elixir is spiritually empowered to work for the highest good. We only use highly charged powerful waters during the water phase of preparation, each elixir is designed to activate specific areas of healing or consciousness expansion.


The Inner workings of the Plant kingdom is the most superior level of healing that will fully supports the evolving electric light body of the human being which is connected to all forms of life consciousness, we have the ability to receive energy from all organic life and stay in flow with the shifts. Natures ability to transform and evolve limitlessly!


From an energetic perspective, plant based nutrients function as a bridge allowing the universal light codes entering our systems, to integrate. This activates the heart's pure 'liquid intelligence',  a type of 'love enzyme' that begins to flow within a person, as a catalyst transforming and raising the body's vibratory rate.

Our unique line of Conscious awakening elixirs are designed to activate  and support the body's inherent ability to repair and recode RNA/DNA expediting the bodies capacity to resist the ageing process and frequently regenerate itself.

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